How to Conserve Concrete Mixing Station?

How to conserve concrete mixing station? Camelway on different projects have different programs. We will give some detailed instructions for every customer in accordance with the different situation of concrete mixing station. We will give them an instruction book. If the customer still have some questions, we can train the parties concerned. Therefore, we can see that customers have no big problem on the use, that is the primary maintenance equipment. Products concrete mixing station, in this large-scale production line , needs a lot of maintenance and conservation. We have made a detailed introduction in the machine specification, such as what you need pay attention to the pre-assembled device , to applying equipment, to the replacement and maintenance of equipment and so on.concrete mixing station

In addition to the above aspects we said, we need frequent maintenance and conversion for the easy-to-break parts. If the parts are not used for a long time, then we need to put them in appropriate places for safekeeping and ensure that machinery does not appear rust in the short term .

Camelway Machinery company holds the attitude to service customers numbering for each machine, stalking conduct inquiries, promptly sending technical personnel for processing, and  checking the mixing equipment in time to precautions.

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