How to control the cost of concrete mixing plant?

In the concrete mixing plant production process, cost control is very important, cost control is the cost control as the main means of cost management. At present, the concrete market is highly competitive. In order to improve the competitiveness of the mixing plant in the fierce competition, production cost and safety risk control in the process of production and transportation of the concrete mixing plant must be strengthened. In the following, we will discuss concretely how to carry out the concrete Cost Control.

(1) to control the incidence of accidents
Concrete mixing plant mainly refers to the accident by the compensation, additional testing, site repair, use of marking, pour ash and ash and other objective factors and subjective factors on the business losses. After the accident, it should be fundamental to find out the cause of the accident is due to the level of production management, quality control or technical reasons, analyze the reasons for the accident and then conduct an appropriate and objective investigation of accountability. In order to improve the convenience of analysis of the cause of the accident, quantitative management analysis should be conducted as much as possible to provide decision makers with the digital form of the cause of the accident.
(2) strict control of the construction process of concrete
For the concrete construction process from the measurement, mixing, pouring and conservation of the four aspects of strict control. In the concrete mixing plant site are basically used for loading operation of the loader, although the mixing station itself has automatic metering device, but in the process of loading, the loader hopper is relatively small, large loader bucket, There is no baffle placed between the batching hoppers. The mixing of stones and sand during loading is very common, seriously affecting the accuracy of metering and the strength grade and pumpability of concrete. Therefore, during the mixing process, the problem of pipeline blockage is generally solved by increasing the sand rate or the amount of cement used, which greatly increases the cost of the concrete for the concrete mixing plant. In the actual operation of concrete mixing, due to not in accordance with the relevant provisions in the shortest mixing time to operate, leading to blockage of the pipe and concrete pumpability, workability and other issues arise.

(3) strict control of material procurement
Purchased materials are additives, water, fly ash, slag, sand, cement, in the selection of raw materials, to go through many considerations, such as cost-effective, especially in the procurement of cement, cement is an essential material for concrete In the selection should be considered carefully and strictly.

(4) Reasonable control of the concrete mix
The development of the construction industry, optimizing the cost of concrete has become an important consideration. Concrete batching plant Calculating the cost of concrete is very important basis for the concrete mix, concrete mix is ​​an important part of cost control, but it also determines the specific circumstances of the amount of concrete raw materials, reflecting the technical level of a company and the project. In order to effectively control the mix ratio of concrete, the mix ratio of each concrete can be used in each working class to carry out the extraction test.

(5) Innovate the model of cost management
Current stage of concrete mixing plant cost management model are the main commission processing combined plant production management mode, commissioned the processing of self-built mixing station production management mode, self-processing mixing station production management mode of these three. You can make the appropriate changes in these three modes to find the most suitable for their own trip.

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