How to control the dust in the concrete mixing station?

To promote the progress and reform of the commercial concrete mixing station, complete the production of commodity concrete and the coordinated development of the city building and environmental protection, the special inspection is carried out on the dust treatment in the premixed concrete mixing station.
The inspection plan includes the ready mixed concrete mixing station of the city. The contents of the inspection are 10 aspects:
1. mixing station dust regulation and treatment responsibility performance, is not to perform the responsibility part of the dust regulation, the responsible person; is not to draw up the renovation work plans, plans and performance records.
2., whether the fence is built, is there a continuous closed fence?
3., the hardened area of operation area and storage yard, the distance of the operation area, the operation area and the storage yard were hardened.
4., whether the aggregate yard or batching bin is closed, whether the aggregate yard or batching bin is sealed, or whether the spray and dust reduction method is chosen.
5., equipped with vehicle scouring equipment and incoming and downstream scour, is it equipped with vehicle scouring equipment at the gate of the field area, and vehicle active scour in the entry and exit area.
6., the arrangement of drainage and sewage treatment is whether there is an arrangement of drainage system. Is there a 3 level sedimentation tank, is sewage treatment carried out?
7., there is a separation between the operation area, the living area and the production area. Is the operation area, the living area and the production area separated?
8. production line dust removal and dust suppression method performance, mixing tower is not closed 2 layers, silo is not closed, is not the equipment silo bag dust and other equipment, conveyor belt is not closed, the inlet is not closed.
9. the GPS equipment, the license plate number expansion and the leak proof equipment, the vehicle is not the equipment GPS, the feeder, the extension number of the license plate, and the appearance of the mixer is not regular.
10. distance and place cleaning and cleaning, is not to perform cleaning personnel and cleaning methods, place and distance is not punctual cleaning, sprinkler, cleaning, sand is not a mess, is not equipped with a sprinkler and time and sprinkler dust.

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