How to Correctly Operate Concrete Mixing Station

Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture is one of the large-scale enterprise specializing in construction machinery. The company was found in 1983.

To help our customers manage their concrete mixing plants well, Zhengzhou CamelWay will share the right operating method of concrete batching plants with worldwide customers. The startup and shutdown of concrete batching plant is a daily operation process. A reasonable and safe startup and shutdown of concrete mixing plants can not only avoid the occurrence of unnecessary accidents, but also prolong the service life of the equipment.


The Startup Order of Concrete Batching Plants

First, users should open the control switch inside the cabinet, such as the host, cement silo, water pump, batching bin, flat belt, cable belt and discharging switch. Then check the mechanical moving ability of each component after opening the computer. After this, users should run the inclined belt, the main machine, and the flat belt accordingly. If all components are in normal operation condition, users can open the water pump and the batching machine. If you start the equipment randomly, the machine will be greatly damaged.

The Shutdown Order of Concrete Mixing Plants

First, close the batching machine, water supply system, feeding system and the host. Second, close the discharging belt, storage bin and air compressor. Then, clean the mixing tank and close water valve. At last, shutdown the electricity.


Evidently, users should pay much attention to the operating method of concrete batching plant in actual production process.

This is a general introduction of the operating method of concrete batching plant, and I hope that it will be helpful. For more information, welcome to contact us at any time.

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