How to disassemble the Concrete Mixing Station?

The process of removing concrete mixing station as follows:

First, Undo batch layer, stirring layer peripheral boards. Second, cancel the feed layer roof, roof truss structure as a whole. Third, undo screw conveyors and belt truss head ministry of machinery. Fourth, undo ingredients layer all mechanical equipment and ingredients layer channels.
Fifth, undo the bent frame , control room and the stent of control room. Sixth, undo the hopper, stirrer and stair way. Seventh, undo stairs and columns under the mixing layer. Eighth, undo aggregate storage and mechanical equipment piece by piece. Ninth, undo powder cans and above all the equipment, then cancel the framed bent under the powder cans. After picking up above all the equipment, count on these devices, to ensure the equipment in good condition. The professionals must be present. After the pack described above, in an inventory of these devices to ensure that the equipment is intact and in good condition, must be present when withdrawn by professional staff.concrete mixing plant

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