How to effectively manage the mixing station?

Effective mixing station management measures is to ensure the quality of concrete, improve work efficiency, the key to achieving the goal of project quality. So how to effectively manage concrete mixing station?

1.Staff training
The current mixing plant configuration standards, the degree of automation are high, the content of information, the need for specialized management personnel to digest the data, so efficient management of mixing station is a prerequisite for training a group of highly qualified staff, the company should prepare the project Training plan and proper training and assessment focused, and gradually improve the management level of mixing station.
2.Working procedure
The mixing plant should work out plans on a monthly basis, organize the production of concrete according to the work plan, provide monthly demand plans for raw materials, reasonably arrange the maintenance, Maintenance, work tasks light, do a good job staff training. In strict accordance with the instructions for use and maintenance of machinery, storage of some wearing parts, according to the rules and regulations safe operating procedures, norms.
3. Effective implementation of management measures
The concrete mixing plant shall take measures to ensure the effective operation of the quality management system and evaluate the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of the system on a regular basis and report the inappropriate documents to the QA Association in time for amendment. Mixing station staff must give top priority to quality. Individuals and groups that award rewards for quality achievements are to be punished for groups and individuals who neglect product quality, neglect their duties, and have serious repercussions.

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