How to ensure cement quality of concrete mixing station

Concrete mixing station requires higher quality stability of cement. Powder bin is a kind of main equipment used for storing bulk cement or other powder materials. It is usually combined with mixing machine, batching machine and other kinds of mixing station.
When the cement or other powder filled in by placing the bulk cement truck, open the discharge gate, the powder is through the gate into the spiral conveyor, and then be transported to the Everfount powder weighing bucket measurement. The powder bin is mainly composed of storage parts, broken arch system, dust removal system, unloading device, underframe and other parts. Concrete is a kind of heterogeneous complex multiphase composite material. Improving the homogeneity of concrete can improve the strength and durability of concrete. The concrete used in concrete mixing plants is bulk cement, stored in small powder silos such as 100t or 200t. Due to the presence of impurities agglomerate, bolts, rags, cement grinding ball, will seriously affect the normal use and the uniformity of the concrete mixing station, resulting in a decline in the quality of concrete.

Because of the bulk cement to strictly control the quality of cement in the production process, especially for the stability of 100% qualified, to ensure the quality of cement production; in the process of transportation by bulk cement truck sent directly to the user from the cement plant, the regular circulation channels clear, to eliminate adulteration or charge, so as to ensure the stable quality in transportation; during storage, bulk cement storage tank in normal up to 13 months without deterioration; in the process of using bulk cement, accurate measurement, no loss, so as to ensure the accurate amount of cement, more to ensure the quality of concrete and engineering quality. Therefore, bulk cement can be widely used. But because the cement powder material itself is highly absorbent cement, worn finer, more strong absorbent cement particles, surface water after water absorption, adhesion greatly increased, reduced liquidity, easy to scale, arching and even caking. Cement clinker or cement storage, in gypsum, alkali oxide in water gradually formed potassium gypsum and the wall phenomenon occurs when cement is stored, and the condensed water pre hydration caused, therefore, the cement silo should strictly control the water invasion. There are three kinds of water intrusion in cement silo, such as cement itself, rain infiltration and air assisted flow device. With the extensive application of bulk cement, due to storage and transportation of long distance and long time, cement agglomerate phenomenon has been very common, it can happen in the cement production plant, can also occur after delivery in the transportation and storage process.

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