How to evalute the quality of concrete batching plant

Concrete batching plant is widely used in infrastructure. Many users just know how to use it, and don’t know how to evalute the quality.
There is several major components we need to concern:
concrete batching plant
1. If the concrete mixer has self-loading mixing drum, then its discharge buckle ring runout does not exceed 1% of the inlet diameter.
2. The operation of the transmission system, with flexible operation, no abnormal noise.
concrete batching plant.
3. The belt conveyor, bucket elevator and boom draglines, drive smoothly, with flexible operation, high brake, no abnormal noise, and no card chain;
4. The weighing system is also very important, need to check the sensitivity and accuracy;
5. Safety valve, without leakage;
6. Cement tank, with qualified quality;
7. supporting line installation must be reasonable and the installation of equipment to be correct.

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