How to identify the quality of cement mixing station?

How to identify the quality of concrete mixing station cement is the key.
Cement quality is directly related to the quality of the building is extremely durable, but also the quality of mixing station control key links! But now the cement industry mess: clinker is not common, cement clinker content is much lower than the standard value is normal, “small cement” simply can not call the cement, can only be called powder abrasive. A serious lack of cement regulation! It is far from enough to test the strength, the setting time and the stability.
1, clinker: standard requirements, calcium silicate mineral is not less than 66%, calcium oxide and silica mass ratio of not less than 2.0. Can we have these indicators often qualified? The Often only strength test.
2, cement clinker content: the standard requirements, ordinary Portland cement clinker + gypsum content should be greater than or equal to 80%, and less than 95%. But now, even the large cement plant clinker content is generally only 65% ​​-70%, not to mention the surrounding small cement plant around the capital (in fact, can only call the grinding station, do not know how to obtain the name of the cement plant) , By understanding, generally small cement clinker content is only about 50%. Small cement can not be called cement, at best, can be called a mixture!
3, the detection means: cement supervision and management by the Technical Supervision, sampling once a year, simply can not restrain the production of cement plant! National inspection standards of the project only strength, condensation time and stability, coupled with some chemical indicators, is far from enough! Do little hands and feet of small cement is easy to meet these indicators!
We should be strictly clinker detection, in the acceptance of cement should increase the clinker content detection, should not only detect strength, setting time and stability, of course, magnesium oxide, sulfur trioxide and other chemical indicators can not be less!

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