How to improve output of concrete mixers

1. Should lubricate the concrete mixing machine and accessory equipment regularly according to the maintenance manuals and periodic table of lubrication.
2. Take regular inspection to the mixing blades, check whether the lining plate is loose, adjust the gap between mixing blades and lining plate regularly and check and replace them according to wear situation.
3. All the wire ropes should be properly protected to prevent the compression failure and break in the working process. Check the open type gear regularly and the tightness degree of belt to avoid the wear which is caused by slipping.
With the development of material science and design and manufacturing technology, concrete mixer equipment adopts many new technologies, new materials and new structure which make the function of concrete mixer more perfect and reduce the failure rate at the same time. And the last thing we should say the is maintenance work is critical for concrete mixing machine. For more information about any of our products, please feel free to contact Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery via email or at the contact addresses available on this website.

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