How to improve the Efficiency of Cement Mixers Quickly

In fact, whether the customer or concrete mixer equipment manufacturers, from another perspective, everyone wants to maximize the working efficiency of their concrete mixers. How can we maximize the efficiency of concrete mixer? As a professional concrete batching plant producer, we can provide high-quality products and professional suggestions.
1. Check the shaft end seal chamber, distributor import and export and sealing pipeline of forced type concrete mixer whether they are smooth, the lubricating point and the reduction of the tank should be sufficient lubrication oil (grease).
twin shaft concrete mixer
2. The operator needs to check whether there is grease left within electric lubricant pump of compulsory concrete mixer. Since running without oil is prohibited, it should be refueled when grease is almost used up.
3. Every time when shifting duty, materials attached to interior and exterior of mixing drum or discharging door should be cleaned by water. And materials that cannot be washed out should be chiseled away regularly.
4. To avoid accidents caused by drop of mixing blades, they should be re-fixed per week.

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