How to install and test run 350 drum mixer

After buying 350 cylinder concrete mixer, many new users don’t understand the mixer installation and test run all, don’t know how to installation and commissioning, and small make up today to share 350 concrete mixer how to install and test run, for your reference.
350 drum of concrete mixer installation and commissioning operation plan:
(a) 350 mixer installation 350 mixer should be placed in the flat, solid, in place, remove the drag bar, put down four leg, with a leg adjust auxiliary installation, adjust the fuselage of the 350 mixer to level, then the ladder and the ground track pad, in order to increase the stability of the whole machine.350 after the machine installation in place, feeding track installed first, and check or connected to the upper and lower limit switch, limit switch connections must pay attention to the right.If you need a fixed position stirring, detachable to tires, cushion flat machine with wooden and other items.Feed end can dig a pit, assembling long track, can make the feed hopper into a pit, pit is a little slightly above the ground, in order to prevent the water into the pit.
(2) 350 mixer of examination and preparing work before test run: 1, check the power supply voltage, 350 mixer rated voltage is 380 v, the pressure drop shall not be greater than 5%.2, check the box and the power supply electrical wiring is in line with the requirements, grounding are in good condition, ensure the safety, and then switched on.3, check the reducer oil, lubricating oil and the unqualified should complement or replace in a timely manner.4, note in the butter cups come on the part of the lubricating oil.5, check the blender various solid 350 strong, tighten the loose pieces.6, check whether the wire rope is tight on the drum, if there are any loose disorder should be back around the well.Should be prepared before 7, through water storage containers and placed near the water pump, the suction valve into the container.JZC350 mixer used in water quality should be kept clean.
(3) 350 mixer no-load test run: 1, start, 350 mixer machine, inspection mix cylinder rotation direction.2, give mixing tube to be positive and reverse rotation, every two minutes a loop, repeated 15 min, check the motor, reducer and mixing drum major components is normal, should be no abnormal noise and shock phenomenon.3, the operation into the hopper ascending, descending, check whether the lifting process and upper and lower limit is reliable.
350 concrete mixer is advanced at home and abroad and the ideal concrete mixer machine, plastic and half, harsh concrete mixing, applicable in general construction, bridge engineering and various kinds of concrete, such as the file, the machine adopts the new type of lifting device and the stirring arm connection way, further improve the serviceability of the machine, material mixing quickly, high production efficiency, and good quality.Can be used alone, also can make mixing, mixing station of supporting the host to use.Many users want to know the price of it, the CamelWay built machine engineering and technical personnel to remind everybody, because of the large mixer type, the price is different also, you can dial the hotline contact us directly, we will offer you the latest price.

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