How to Install Stabilized Soil Mixing Station Correctly?

Anything is not absolute, the staff in the installation of stabilized soil mixing station, there will be some deviation, these conditions can not be avoided, under normal circumstances, are sent by the stability of soil mixing plant manufacturers to install Personnel to the scene for installation and debugging until normal operation

Stabilized soil mixing station installation steps:

1, the finished material belt conveyor from the bending place, the latter frame on its basis, connecting the frame before and after the front, back leg and conveyor connection, oblique braces and racks of the hanging ears connected, and then the conveyor front hoist, connect the back and back legs and oblique support, and finally the front and rear legs of the anchor bolts fastening;


2, mixing host and powder batching system installation hoist The main frame, on the basis of its anchor bolts fastening;


3, the finished product storage hopper installation will be finished product storage hopper hoist, will stand up, will walk platform, ladder and finished material storage hopper connected well;


4, the granular material batching system installs hangs the granular material batching system to put on its foundation, the board will be connected, the two sides of the heightening plate and plug the Board to connect, and then the original aggregate conveyor, the front and rear racks are connected, so that the electric drum alignment mixer Head cover Hole center, the final anchor bolts fastening;


5. The installation of cement bin will be assembled in the ground each part of the cement bin, hoisting the cement bin, and the lower bin body bracket less transverse support side toward the powder batching system, fixed the upper and lower storehouse body, and finally fixed the anchor bolt;


6, screw conveyor installation hoist screw conveyor, the screw conveyor ball hinge and cement bin out of the mouth to connect, use the material mouth on the normal powder hopper feed mouth, and then with the steel wire rope conveyor and cement bin hanging ears, and finally the anchor bolts fixed well;


7, the air compressor placed on the end of the product Hopper side, with the air compressor outlet and air control box imports, the Gas control box exports to the cement bin broken arch of the trachea connected well.


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