How to install the concrete batching plant better

Before installing the concrete batching plant, the users should check all the installation equipment, installation tools to see whether they are complete, whether there is a security risk and then to install the program.
When installing the concrete batching plant, the most important thing is safety, each employee must be equipped with security tools, whatever device of concrete batching plant it need to lift, we must sure that no one is nearby, especially below, when lifting, there must be professional personnel to command. If the above security measures are noted, we can install the concrete batching plant. When installing, checking the installation dimension and correcting the deviation.concrete batching plant
When installing, any equipment of concrete batching plant should be connected solidly, and we should carefully check it after connecting. When installing, the flange joint surface and discharge pipe flange connection surface should be coated with a sealed object. In the installation of weighing bucket, we should ensure the safety of the sensor, gas and air valve must first check, the hose connectors can not leak. In the installation, each device of concrete batching plant should try to avoid collision, bolt and nut and welding place must be firm.
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