How To Install the Mixing Blade of Concrete Mixer

Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture is one of the large-scale enterprise specializing in construction machinery. The company was found in 1983. The company produces tower cranes, construction elevators, concrete mixing stations, JS concrete mixers, concrete batching machines, stabilized soil mixing stations, wheel loaders, concrete transport tanks, JZC concrete mixers and other construction machinery. Today, we will tell you hoe to install the mixing blade.

mixing blade

  1. The inclination of the mixing blade is same, and it cannot be installed backwards.
  2. Angle of mixing blade too big or too small will affect the mixing production, so inclination of the blade and the mixing axis need in 70 or 80 degrees.
  3. Mixing blade need be rotated in this position where it shows mud material 20-30 mm.
  4. The mixing blade on two axis staggered 90 degree.
  5. To tighten the nut on the mixing blade.

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