How to Install the Skip Hoist Type Concrete Mixing Station

  1. Installation

Installation site should be plain and well-grounded. The pithead should be higher than ground to prevent the water inflow. Lift the mixer with lifting device and install four supporting legs connecting angle inclined strut ladder and the downward track. Then place the mixer in the appropriate place of the pit.


  1. Inspection and preparation before test

Check if the connection of the motor and electric element is steady. Check connecting bolts between two parts(especially the moving parts) and ensure they are firm. If not tight them up in time. Check if there are sundries stuck in mixing canister and track rack.

  1. No-load test

Start mixing motor. At the same time the running direction of two mixing shafts should be same with indicating direction of the signs . If there is any difference change the power connection.

  1. Over-load test

Shut down the discharge door and lift the hopper after feeding. Insure that the hopper can run steadily and stop on the track freely. If there is slipping you should put the hopper into the pit bottom then adjust the big nut in brake motor.

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