How to investigate concrete mixing plant manufacturer?

Concrete mixing plant is a complete set of large-scale production equipment, huge investment, high value. In the purchase of concrete mixing plant, customers choose to go to the factory in Metropolitan field trips, in order to be the most intuitive assessment of product quality. So, in the concrete mixing plant manufacturers to conduct an investigation, are focused on what aspects?
First, see the business qualification.
General customers visit, the company will display the relevant certification qualifications, which is both a business card, but also enhance the first step in mutual trust, customers come in good faith, hope is a certification of qualified business cooperation.
Second, see the scale.
If you can visit the factory, we can find that the large-scale manufacturer’s team size and talent reserve are very good, and the high level of the workshop is very easy to read out. Imagine, a set of equipment from high-tech production lines, high-quality professionals and enterprises solemn promise, then he can rest assured that the quality of use.
Third, see the product’s success stories.
Some enterprises will be their own sales, foreign trade work to the e-commerce platform or trading company, they will not have corporate qualifications, but there is proof of cooperation with the manufacturers, and will store a large number of success stories, through the case can examine the overall strength of the company , You can also see if they have similar needs, can learn from the relevant experience.
Fourth, see sales service.
If the manufacturer can provide pre-sales, sale, sale and after-sales service to ensure that customers must be out of their own team and products are extremely responsible. It is also precisely because the product has a high quality, based on the manufacturers can have such confidence for their own products. Those who try to escape after-sales service manufacturers, it is best not to choose.

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