How to Keep Tower Crane Balance

Tower cranes are very well designed and undergoes a number of experiments to carry heavy loads. The design that all makes it happen to carry a huge amount of load at such a high height. Most of the crane is able to do this by using counterweight technique. The crane operator shifts the weight horizontally according to the requirement while lifting the material. In this way, complete balance is maintained by the heavy lifting crane. If the working arm as to travel large distance then it is better to move the working arm with no load and find out the critical load, i.e. When a crane picks up some load with the working arm, the crane isn’t unbalanced because the load isn’t large enough to unbalance the crane, and an operator knows it very well.tower crane

In such Cranes, the arm rests on a thrust bearing over tower structure which takes up all the load. The arm is initially balanced by using the counter weights at the other end of the arm. While lifting, the arm is unbalanced but the bearing takes up most of the load. The tower as well as the arm also deflects a little( in range of 100 microns) but is kept in range by using load charts which define the maximum load that can be lifted at a particular radius. Basically, a tower crane has a large load on the other side of the crane. It keeps balance like a scale and can move back and forth to make the effect of the counter weight more or less significant. On modern cranes this is done almost automatically by computer.
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