How to Maintain Air Compressor of Mixing Plant

As a China-based professional hopper concrete mixer manufacturer and supplier, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture specialized in construction machinery for several years. Next, we will tell you how to maintain the air compressor of mixing plant.


Air compressor is important for concrete batching plant. It is a principal part in gas supply. And the clients usually meet the flowing situations:

1.The check valve is damage. If you want to know whether check valve is damage or not, you should turn off the power, and turn over the big belt wheel, if you can turn it easily, and it would be alright. If air compressor stops working, and after 10seconds it stops exhausting, which shows check valve is normal.

  1. Piston ring has a serious wear. If the pressure of air compressor rises slowly and it has a channeling oil phenomenon, which shows piston ring need to be changed.

The maintenance of air compressor includes: discharge condensate in time. Check the level of lubricating, and change lubricating oil regularly. Air compressor can not park in wind and rain place, of course, it can not be exposed to the sun.

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