How to Maintain Mixing Console

Mixing console is the core of the whole system of concrete mixing station mixing, the work power and status of mixing console is directly related to all the production of the station and the quality of the products. So we should pay attention to the mixing console.

Pneumatic system:

The line and the outlet shall not leak, breakage should be replaced by new parts. Oil-water separator and store water in the tank to empty your daily, oil atomizer has enough oil.

cocrete mixer3

Water system:

Water valve to be flexible and ensure that the waterway is normal, if there is any fault timely cleaning.

Smooth system:

To check the oil level height, and supply enough smooth oil.

Mixing system:

To check mixing blade, door plate, plate, the stirring arm is not shortage and damage. Clean in time, the damage parts should be timely corrected or replaced.

Transmission system:

To check the belt tensioning, chain slack degrees, even coupling distance, and transport belt are normal or not.

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