How to maintain motor of concrete mixer?

Motor for mixer is a very important start parts, its direct relation with the whole “health” equipment operation and the normal use, so the important parts have their own unique way of maintenance, we came to know about the below!
Motor is indispensable parts of stabilized soil mixing plant production line equipment, the core components of the motor maintenance is very important, in fact, the motor maintenance is also have certain rules to follow., of course, the first thing to check, the motor is in commonly 70 – day action is needed to fill the oil, but should not be stored too slow.
Generally stabilized soil mixing plant in the use of 150 days or so is the need for a minor repairs, minor repair mainly is clear when the body of the dust, bearings, such as street, please.Use time long time such as 300 or so for an overhaul.Stabilized soil mixing plant equipment during outage for a long time and the need for maintenance.In the long-term when not in use is the need to properly arrange the equipment components, the placement of motor need to pay attention to the well ventilated, rain prevent bask in, must can not prevent the damp places.
In addition, the mixer overruled make must strictly implement safety production responsibility.Microcomputer control staff, maintenance staff, security officer found the problems in the process of equipment patrol at any time may lead to accidents, shall have the right to rest stabilized soil mixing plant is running, and can veto the competent an illegal instruction.It is forbidden to cross the maintenance work, it is strictly prohibited to maintenance, it is forbidden to not post clerk blind maintenance.Stabilized soil mixing plant equipment maintenance, report to the project department, arrange the control room staff in place to confirm repair parts, after the cut off power supply, can begin to work.

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