How to make HZS batching plant reduce environmental pollution

It is easy for HZS batching plant to cause environmental pollution. So users need pay attention to the environmental protection work of concrete batching plant when using HZS batching plant. As for the environmental protection work, users need take care of the following points:
concrete batching plant
Note that convey the cement and other bulk material by using pressure. Bulk materials, especially cement, are easy to produce dust materials. It is inevitable to cause dust flying when feeding materials, which not only affects the body of working staffs, but also pollute the environment. The most important is if press the dust for a long time, it is very easy to cause cement silo blowing out, which is potentially dangerous. So when using cement silo, users must pay attention to the application of dust wiper. Only correctly use dust collector can reduce environmental pollution, which is also one step to ensure the environmental protection performance of HZS batching plant. According to the actual situation,regularly open the valve to clean out the collected dust every 4 to 5 hours to ensure the normal discharge of dust.
When use concrete mixer, users also need take care: firstly pour water into the drum of concrete mixer and then put bulk materials, which not only avoids material flying around, but also let material fully contact with water and makes it easy to clean the drum of concrete mixer.

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