How to Operate Concrete Mixers

The concrete mixer which produced by Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery not only can satisfy the processing demands of most medium and small sized enterprises, but also improves working efficiency and receive good reputation of majority customers. It is the model of construction machinery. Our company has sound sales and after-sales service system, and sets up multiple sales offices to provide customers with convenient and considerate service. Here, we will introduce some operation methods of concrete mixing machine for you:
twin shaft concrete mixer
1. The concrete mixer should be installed on the smooth ground.
2. Before operating the concrete mixer, please check each system of the equipment and make sure the normal work of them. If necessary, please clear the hidden dangerous timely.
3. The power distribution equipment of concrete mixer should install the appropriate fuse and grounding devices to ensure the safety of the electrical system.
4. After work, the user should timely clean the concrete mixing machine to prevent concrete agglomerate. When cleaning concrete mixer, the cleaning work must be carried out after cutting the power to avoid electric shock.

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