How to Operate System Console of Concrete Mixing Station?

Before starting the concrete mixing station, to check the following eight aspects:


The limit switch isn’t normal; whether there is alarm on the computer interface; Start inclined belt and flat belt; Start mixer; Start air compressor pressure of 0.7 MPa; Please disable automatic switch production of concrete, “no specific” file; Concrete mixing station control system of “manual” switch to “automatic”; Open the emergency stop button switch, and then the manual console still can control station, PLC and instrument power on normal, open the UPS, open the computer. For control system of concrete mixing station, the urgent stop switch and key switch is closed; the console distribution frame is in the OFF state.

Hybrid control system operation not skilled, please in strict accordance with the provisions of steps. To ensure the normal computer input signal. Open the bin bottom valve, admixture, inlet valve, pump inflow valve, and aggregate surge bin filled with material, clear the host. If you have any question, you can contact us, we will try our best to service for you. At present, the company has many different ready mixers and concrete batching plant for sale at low price. Welcome to contact us.


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