How to operate the concrete plant safely?

1. Before starting the work, start the no-load operation of the mixer first. Confirm that the direction of rotation of the stirring blade is rotating forward.
2. Before the operation, the hopper lifting test should be performed. It should be observed and confirmed that the clutch and brake are flexible and reliable.
3, after the start of the mixer, the stirring speed should reach the normal speed after the feeding. Water should be added in time when feeding. The mixing material added each time must not exceed the rated capacity of the mixer and should reduce the sticking phenomenon of the material. The order of addition is: stones – cement – sand or sand – cement – stones. In short, the cement should be in the middle.
4. When feeding, it is forbidden to extend the head or hand between the hopper and the rack. During operation, it is forbidden to use hands or tools to extend into the mixing drum for feeding and discharging.
5. During the operation of the mixer, when the hopper is raised, it is forbidden for anyone to stay under the hopper. Or through; when it is really necessary to repair or clear the pit under the hopper, the hopper should be lifted and locked with iron chain or insert pin.
6. Feeding into the mixing drum should be carried out during operation. Before adding new materials, the original concrete in the mixing drum must be completely discharged before being carried out.
7. During operation, the operation of the machine should be observed. When a failure occurs, the machine should be shut down. When it is necessary to overhaul, the concrete in the mixing tank should be cleaned and then overhauled.
8. The added aggregate should not exceed the allowable value.
9, after the operation, should deal with the mixer for a comprehensive clean-up; when the operator needs to enter the cylinder, you must cut off the power, lock the switch box; hang on the “banned closing” sign, and should be guarded.
10. After operation, the hopper should be lowered to the bottom of the pit. When it needs to be raised, use a chain or bolt to lock it firmly. After winter operations, the water in the water pump, the water switch, and the water collector should be drained.

The installation of concrete mixers must be stable and firm, the tires should be removed for storage (long-term use), and rainproof and flood-proof insulation work sheds should be erected. The operation platform should be kept clean and tidy. Water supply facilities should be provided in the shed. Settling tanks should be installed outside the shed. Drainage should be smooth and dust and dust-falling devices should be installed.

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