How to reduce noise and noise during production of concrete mixing plant?

Generally speaking, the noise in the working environment of the concrete mixing station is very large. In fact, the noise in the working environment of concrete mixing station can be reduced. In order to have a good consumption environment for our concrete mixing station, it is also a guarantee for the quality of life of our left and left residents. Our usual concrete mixing equipment is the use of technical consumption technology to stop consumer manufacturing. As we mentioned above, the noise of the mixing station is mainly derived from the delivery of coarse aggregate, the operation of high power clicks and the control system of the gas path and the noise of the circulating operation of the vehicle in the station. This is the source of the main noise in the station, so in order to reduce the noise, we start from the source.

First, we discontinue the packaging and disposal of our mixing station. All the mixing systems in the mixing station are encapsulated in a whole steel structure, which can reduce the noise and prevent the leakage of dust.

Secondly, the spread of the concealed noise is not the root of our disposal problem. Besides the external noise reduction, we also use the wear-resistant rubber liner instead of the wear-resistant steel liner in the interior of the aggregate called the bucket and the aggregate hopper, and adjust the next section of the coarse and thin aggregate, and then the bottom is sands in the lower stone, which can effectively buffer the coarse. The high DB noise caused by aggregate directly smashed the steel plate, which further reduced the noise.

Thirdly, all the parts and motor used in our concrete mixing station are low noise motor, and the use of the cushions can also reduce the noise to a great extent.

In our entire mixing station construction area, the mixer truck and forklift truck choose electric or natural gas vehicles. Like this, we can reduce noise and make the modern energy saving policy more suitable. We stop the noise degradation at the source and give our residents and operators a warm working environment.

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