How to reduce the degree of wear and tear of batching plant

Because concrete mixer wear causes a lot of trouble to customers, and different degree of wear and tear will affect the normal work of the concrete mixer. The wear cannot be avoided, but it can reduce the degree of wear and tear.

First is the lubricant of concrete mixer. There are a lot of ares that need to be lubricated, and the adding methods and amounts of lubricant is different. Sometimes, there needs to replace the new lubricant, and also needs add lubricant in time. Users must know the lubrication technology, so as to ensure the concrete mixer lubrication.

The key of vibrating screen wear is in vibration and bearing wear, the user must choose high quality bearing and reasonable lubricating device, and the user must often lubricate bearing; concrete mixer surface wear may cause by tremors, sliding, impact, scratch, rust, etc., which requires users to pay attention when using to avoid collisions and keep the surface clean, and if finding rust, they should timely treat it; mixing barrel also often has wear, which requires the user to clean mixing barrel immediately after work, so as to prevent the concrete in the mixing drum solidification.
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