How to repair the impact crusher?

The maintenance of the shell of the impact crusher

Chassis failure is mainly reflected in the lining wear and tear after the degradation of anti-attack ability, often caused the liner was shot down accident, also caused the crusher sealing performance decreased to produce larger dust. Chassis maintenance The main method is to inspect the liner regularly, and find that the aging is replaced in time. At the same time, attention should be paid to the regular inspection of the liner fixing screws to prevent the screws from loosening and causing the liner to fall off. This suggests that the liner fixing screws should be made of locknuts and the effect is better.
Impact crusher rotor repair
The rotor failure of the impact crusher is mainly manifested in the serious wear of the turntable. The new building material branch company adopts the following methods for crusher turntable maintenance.
Thicken the rotor on both sides of the turntable, select wear-resistant materials: regardless of the size of the impact hammer crusher production capacity and the number of rotor turntable, under normal circumstances the rotor turntable on both sides of the rotor wear the most serious, but also the focus of crusher maintenance. The thickening method on both sides of the turntable can properly improve the wear resistance, and it can also prevent deformation during repair welding.
Repair welding on the turntable: Even if the thickness and material of the turntable are increased, the amount of wear on the turntable cannot be fully controlled. Daily maintenance is still indispensable. The method adopted by the new type building material branch is equipment maintenance personnel under normal circumstances. The welding and coating processes are regularly performed on the turntable. The specific procedure is to repair the missing part of the turntable with a ferro-chrome-boron wear-resistant electrode, so that the wear part of the turntable is restored to its original shape as much as possible, and then tungsten carbide wear-resistant electrode is used. The welding part is coated. The tungsten carbide welding rod has good wear resistance, but it is expensive. In consideration of the cost, the repair process of the coating after the first welding is adopted.

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