How to run the high temperature of a concrete mixer

Because of the continuous start-up and mixing of concrete mixers, there will inevitably be some problems, such as too high temperature. From the point of view of consumption theory, if it is found that the current indicated by the ammeter on the operating disk is a continuous increase, the common reason is to find the head of the mud spoon when all the parts of the equipment operate normally. The head of the mud spoon is likely to be loose at this time, and the loose head of the spoon is the main reason for the continuous increase of the current cycle. Of course, there should be something at the bottom of the bottom of the check ladle, which prevents the rotation of the mud spoon.
The maintenance of the blender is very important. The broad users must maintain their own equipment according to their needs. Not to the rated current, it may be due to excessive load or low voltage. It belongs to the large amount of material, which belongs to the large mechanical load and should be shut down. However, if the voltage is low, the reason is purely external power supply. The positive way is to see if there is any big change in the current and the temperature rise of the motor.
If suddenly appear this kind of phenomenon, often is because the particle size increases. The change of ore hardness may be due to the different proportioning of the mining face. These two situations are presented, and the mixing process will cause corresponding changes.

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