How to Select A Proper Site for Concrete Batching Plant?

Before installation, there must be a detailed plan. If the site is inappropriate, the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant would be influenced. They can’t install it in any vacancy area blindly, which will bring inconvenience to the next work of the project. Therefore, sufficient preparation and field reconnaissance are necessary.


  1. We must be sure that it stay away from residential areas, but it also cannot be too remote. Try to choose the highway side where the traffic transportation is convenient, and at the same time it can’t be too far away from stone material factory and sand factory.
  2. To choose the site where the water is more convenient. The installation foundation of the concrete mixing plant should be chosen in the open area in order to shorten the feeding period of loader and ensure that the turning around of the carrier is convenient.
    3. for the choice of the concrete mixing plant area, many aspects should be taken into consideration, such as the model of concrete mixing plant, the truck parking lot, the amount of the material accumulation and workers’ living space and so on. Then, they should be execute according to the national industry standard .
    A good site can not only reduce the consumption of money, but also can make it more economical and environmentally friendly. Therefore, when selecting a site, you must consider carefully. For more information about any of our products, please feel free to contact us via email or at the contact addresses available on this website. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us.


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