How to Solve the Accuracy Problem of Concrete Mixing Station

For construction projects, the quality of high-quality concrete is fundamental. But, a lot of concrete mixing station due to low factory automation equipment weighing accuracy making stirring ingredients large deviations, and ultimately affect the quality of the project. Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture with IPC technology completely solves the problem of concrete mixing station batching accuracy.

stabilized soil mixing station

1, to solve a variety of raw materials were weighed accurately problem;

2, the solution to control the speed of conveyor belt material;

3, to solve the motor start and stop control ingredients;

System is simple and intuitive, good anti-jamming performance, easy to maintain, easy to expand, high material ratio control accuracy. There are more perfect production report output generation selection output, using intelligent software calibration scales, calibration simple connection gravel Moisture Meter to automatically compensate for increased online sand water reduction, the system has various fault alarm function, and can prompt failure exclusion method. System reserved network interface, network access management.

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