How to Solve the Conveyor Running Deviation?

Conveyor transport all kinds of raw materials in the cement mixing station could have partial phenomenon. How to solve the conveyor running deviation? Next, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will give you the method.

stabilized soil mixing station

  1. Through artificial adjusting roller or rollers to adjust deviation.
  2. Using standard TD75 self-aligning roller rotary groove or parallel self-aligning roller to adjust deviation. When the belt running deviation, impact roller, but block roller with a pile of ball bearing can rotate, thus it can reduce the wear and tear on the edge of the tape; Vertical shaft drive the rotary rack rotating at the same time, which makes the tape inwards, in order to realize the automatic adjusting.
  3. Use the conical rollers to adjust deviation. Have other adjusting methods such as hydraulic or pneumatic adjusting device, forward roller, v-shaped roller, the v-shaped roller, etc.

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