How to Solve the Problem of Concrete Mixer Can’t Start

Concrete mixer is composed of various components, so it is easy to have all kinds of small problems, such as the temperature of concrete mixer reducer is too high, concrete mixer shaft end leak slurry, concrete mixer jammed, etc. Today, we will talk about the problem of concrete mixer can not start.

concrete mixer

  1. The safety switch of mixer is not connected. For this question, to check on mixing console cover contacted limit safety switch and mixer side with the key switch is not closed.
  2. Failure in the button control system, so new button must be replaced.
  3. Host not plug in. To check power supply ofair switch is not switched on.
  4. The emergency stop switch is not reset. For this point, just check the emergency switch is not reset.
  5. Power failure. To check whether the power supply is normal use.

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