How to Solve the Problem of Mixer Stopping Working

The concrete mixer may stop mixing suddenly in the process of mixing, which may not only affect the quality of concrete and delay the progress of construction but also bring troubles for users. What should we do when the mixer stop mixing suddenly?

small concrete mixer

  • Adjust the machine burden
    If the concrete mixer works under the large machine burden, then the mixer shaft will mix slowly. If the burden is too large, then the mixer shaft will stop mixing or become curving. Sometimes, you only need to adjust the feeding quantity and discharge the superfluous materials to lower the burden of mixer shaft.
    Remove the foreign bodies
    When there are larger foreign bodies, especially stones between the mixing blade of concrete mixer and the inner wall of pot, it will also make the mixer shaft stop. Because the gap between the mixing blade of concrete mixer and the inner wall of pot is too large, the foreign body can be blocked. When you hear sharp and harsh grating, you should stop the concrete mixer to check and eliminate the foreign bodies. If necessary, we can wash it by water.
    3.Tighten up the motor drive belt
    If the motor drive belt of concrete mixer is too loose, then it will make the mixer shaft mix slowly or stop mixing. Because loose motor drive belt will lead to the insufficient of transfer power.

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