How to Use Mixing Console of Concrete Batching Plant

How to use the mixing console correctly in concrete batching plant. Now, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will introduce it to you in detail. In order to ensure the quality of cement mixing plant mixture agitation, crushed stone, sand and cement must be weighing accurately; Before mixing, adjust water tank plate according to the requirement on the position of the pointer, to control the amount of water. Must be strict with mixing time, at the same time to ensure the hopper discharge clean.

concrete batching plant

Cement mixing plant loading in the feed hopper, loading order should be paid attention to, and keep the rubble on the under position , cement next, sand on the upper position, because in the hopper rising course cement will not float in the sky. Cement mixing plant, after the completion of work (s), the gravel and sand should be poured into the mixing drum, stirring for 10 min and then released. Or the remaining material after solidification inside the drum , it is difficult to remove.

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