How to Use Single Spindle Concrete Mixer

  • Before starting the machine, we should check whether there is the phenomenon of scratch in the rotating parts and charging¬†barrel. If any, we should adjust it timely.
    Clean the sundries in the charging barrel.
  • Before starting, we should limit the place of barrel firstly and then start it.
    The rotating direction should be in accordance with the mark which is showed in the end face of barrel.
    5.We must clean the metal and other sundries of the concrete.
    6.We should adjust the timing of the mixer according to the mixing time, which should be done on the circumstance of cutting off the power.
    7. When pushing the starting button, the main spindle will drive the mixing spade to move.
    8. When cleaning the charging barrel, we can pour the water into it and make the main spindle rotating. We can also use the dry sand to wash.jzc

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