HZS120 mixing station manufacturer which is better?

The HZS120 concrete mixing station is a fully automatic concrete production line composed of parts, transportation, metering, mixing and control system. It is based on the high and new technology of absorbing the agitation equipment of the soil and condensing equipment. It combines the production experience of many years and the feedback of the user. After continuous innovation and improvement, it can be realized. The new type of commercial concrete mixing equipment with “mortar wrapped method” production process is the ideal choice for you and your enterprises to realize energy saving, reduce cost and increase value.
Product introduction:
The 120 concrete mixing plant produced by CAMELWAY has the following characteristics:
1. modular structure, convenient installation and relocation.
2. adopt JS2000 type double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer, mixing quality is good;
3. aggregate using batching machine, accurate measurement and high production efficiency.
4. the ingredients are measured by electronic scales, with high accuracy.
5. the water supply system is pressurized by water pumps to accelerate the flow of water and spray evenly.
6. the belt conveyor is used for aggregate feeding, with long service life and high efficiency.
7. the main components of the electrical control system are imported, with reliable performance, convenient operation and operation, printing function and air conditioning.
Product details:
The cement storehouse is suitable for the construction engineering, the city construction, the construction of the road and Bridge Water Conservancy and the construction of the component plant, and the bulk cement and other bulk materials in the construction. It can replace the silo for civil construction, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, prevents cement loss and environmental pollution. Compared with the civil building bunker, the utility model has the advantages of small occupied area, long service life and low cost.
1. conveying system
120 the conveying system of the concrete mixing station is divided into the conveying of aggregate and the transportation of the powder; the conveying mode of the aggregate is usually the material of the conveyor belt; the conveying mode of cement and admixture is the screw conveyor and the pneumatic conveying. The conveying speed and efficiency of the conveying system usually match the cycle time of the system.
2.control room
120 the concrete mixing station is controlled by computer. It can automatically control and operate manually. The operation is simple and easy to master. Dynamic panel display can clearly understand the operation of each component, and can store and print report information.
3.metering system
120 the main components of the measuring system of concrete mixing station are sensors and pneumatic butterfly valves. Our machine adopts high precision import sensor, which has accurate weighing and quick response; the pneumatic butterfly valve is tight, reliable, simple in structure, small in size, light in weight and high in price performance.
4.Pneumatic system
The pneumatic system is the execution device of the action of the 120 concrete mixing station. Its function is to switch all the aggregate storehouse, the discharging door of the mixer, the cement scale unloading door in time according to the instructions issued by the industrial microcomputer, and make the cement arch in the cement barn and stir the additive to ensure the accurate measurement of the various aggregate, cement and additives. Complete the loading task of the finished product.

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