HZS180Concrete Mixing Station Configuration (2)

HZS180Concrete Mixing Station Configuration

180 batching plant

6 Cement measurement


Weighing hopper 1800Kg
    Pneumatic butterfly valve φ300mm
7 The main body

The steel structure

(4 meters discharging height)

The lower pillar  
    Mixing layer platform  
    The upper column  
    Ingredients layer platform  
    The top-level structure  
    The ladder  
     outer frame  
8 Water metering


Weighing hopper 1000Kg
    Pneumatic butterfly valve φ150mm
    Water pump 7.5Kw
           Water tank  
    pipeline, valve  
9 Additive measurement system Admixtures metering box 80Kg
    Pneumatic butterfly valve φ50mm
    Admixture pump 3.0Kw
    Additive mixer 6.5m3
    pipeline, valve  
10 Measurement of fly ash


Weighing hopper 1200Kg
    Pneumatic butterfly valve Φ300mm
11 Cement silo Landing leg , silo  
12 Screw machine 9m Φ325mm
13 Pneumatic control system Pneumatic components  
    Air compressor 18.5Kw
    Storage tanks 1.0m3
    Solenoid valve  
    Oil and water separator  
    Ball valve  
    Pipe fittings and connection  
14 Control system    

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