HZS50 Type Concrete Batching Plant Equipment Configuration

  1. stirrer: double shaft concrete mixer

Model: JS1000

The discharge capacity: 1m³

The motor power: 2 * 18.5 KW


  1. productivity: 50 m after/h
  2.  weighing system

Format: belts batching scale, lever balance scale

Aggregate: 200-2500 kg, metering range error of 2%

Cement: 100-100 kg, error of 1%

Water: 10-300 – kg metering range and error of 1%

Additives: 0-25 kg metering range and error of 1%

  1. water supply system

Electric pump models: B25-15

Power: 3 kw

  1. admixture system (two sets)

Electric pump models: XD3.2-2 s

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