Hzs90 concrete concrete mixing station how much concrete to fight at a time?

For customers who have just engaged in the concrete industry, some of them have learned about the industry in depth and are very familiar with the industry terminology or the equipment needed. Some customers do not understand these types of plants, do not know the type of mixing plant, and do not know the mixing plant. The output, similar to the above problem, is something that customers who do not understand understand. The type of equipment used in the 90-type commercial concrete mixing plant is the HZS90. The discharge is about 90 square meters per hour. The discharge height is about 3.8 meters and the total installed capacity is about 145kw.

The 90-type commercial concrete mixing plant independently designed and produced by Camelway was formally rolled out. The main equipment includes batching machine, mixer, cement warehouse, screw pump, weighing system, electronic control system, electrical system, control room, dust removal system, and sewage treatment. Systems, etc., have been delivered to our customers. According to the customer’s special needs, the company is equipped with a set of concrete sand and gravel separators. The separated gravel can be recycled and used. It can truly achieve zero emissions and energy consumption can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan per year.

Nowadays, this set of commercial mixing plant has been successfully put into production. This is another fruitful result of the county’s investment promotion and project construction. Before this mixing plant was established, the majority of the concrete used in the construction of  infrastructure came from surrounding cities and counties, which greatly affected the construction of the county’s projects. The commissioning of the project will further guide and standardize the commodity concrete industry in the county, comprehensively improve the overall quality level of the county’s construction industry, and lay a solid foundation for accelerating the establishment of autonomous regions, tourism prefectures, and urbanization.

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