HZS90 Concrete Mixing Station Approximate Cost

HZS90 concrete mixing station on the premise of guarantee the project efficiency, the saved money to the greatest extent, main fittings adopt domestic and international famous brand, high reliability; Modular structure design, installation, demolition and more convenient, safe, comfortable, reliable operation, product good mixing effect, high production efficiency. Safe and reliable system, easy to maintain.This series of HZS mixing station from 25 to 120 concrete mixing station is the ideal equipment for a large and medium-sized construction, water and electricity, roads, ports, Bridges, airports and a large manufactory and merchandise concrete products manufacturing unit.


Host performance host uses the JS series mixing console, stir well, rapid, high productivity. For the harsh, plastic and all kinds of proportioning of concrete, it can achieve good mixing effect. Advanced mixing mechanism, high wear resistance of mixing blades and lining board, and the unique design of the mixing Angle make the machine have good mixing effect, high speed, long service life.

Control system adopts high performance industrial PC, and all key components adopt imported original parts with the advantages of reliable performance, function perfect, rational layout, easy to operate, easy to learn, and maintenance. With automatic, semi-automatic, manual control mode, it facilitate users in various situations to use.

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