Impact crusher performance characteristics

(l) The crushing ratio (Note: The ratio of the upper limit of crusher feeding granularity to the upper limit of discharge granularity) is very large. Generally, the crushing ratio of the crusher is not more than 10, and the crushing ratio of the crusher is generally 30-40. Up to 150.
(2) High crushing efficiency and low power consumption. Because the impact resistance of the general material is much lower than the compressive strength, and because the material is subjected to the high speed action and multiple impacts of the impact plate, the material first cracks along the cleavage interface and the vulnerable locations of the tissue. The crusher has high crushing efficiency and low power consumption.
(3) The product has uniform particle size and less comminution. The crusher uses kinetic energy to crush the material, and the kinetic energy of each material is proportional to the mass of the material. Therefore, in the crushing process, the large pieces of material are broken to a greater degree, and the materials of the smaller grains are not broken under certain conditions. Therefore, the product size of the broken product is even. Too little crushing.
(4) Can be broken selectively. During impact crushing, the material is first broken along the cleaved surface to facilitate the separation of the monomers.
(5) Adaptability. This crusher can crush brittle, fibrous and below-hard materials, and is particularly suitable for brittle materials.
(6) The crushing equipment is small in size, light in weight, simple in structure, easy to manufacture and easy to maintain.
Based on the above-mentioned obvious advantages of impact crusher, all countries are widely used and vigorously developed. However, impact crushers also have disadvantages. When the hard material is broken, its board hammer (bashing board) and counterattack board wear faster. In addition, the impact crusher is a machine that rotates at a high speed and is broken by impact. The precision of the parts processing is high, and static balance is required to extend the service life.

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