Impact crusher type

Impact crusher according to its structural characteristics can be divided into single rotor impact crusher (counterattack break) and double rotor impact crusher (counterattack break). Rotor steering, single rotor impact crusher can be divided into two major types: reversible rotation and irreversible rotation. Double-rotor impact crushers can be divided into three types: co-rotating, counter-rotating and counter-rotating. According to the internal structure, the single-rotor impact crusher is also divided into two types, with a leveling jaw and without a leveling jaw. Double-rotor impact crushers can be divided into rotors at the same level and rotors at different levels.
 Single rotor impact crusher
There are the following three types:
(1) Counterattack crusher without leveling screen (counterattack)
With leveling screen impact crusher (counter-break). This type of machine can control the particle size of the product, so that there are less large particles, the product particle size distribution range is narrow, and the product particle size is relatively uniform. This is because the leveling screen plays the role of grading and crushing oversize particles.
(3) Reversible single-rotor impact crusher (counterattack). The rotor can be reversed and rotated in the forward direction. The feed port is arranged directly above the machine body. Two counterattack plates are arranged symmetrically in the crushing chamber.
 Double rotor impact crushers have the following three types.
(1) Double-rotor impact crusher with two rotors rotating in the same direction. Equivalent to the use of two semi-rotor impact crushers in series, large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, large production capacity, but higher power consumption. Can be used as coarse, medium and fine crushing machinery at the same time. This crusher can reduce the number of crush plates and simplify the production process.
(2) Two-rotor reverse-rotating double-rotor impact crusher. Equivalent to the use of two single-rotor impact crushers in parallel, large production capacity, can crush larger pieces of material, as a large coarse, intermediate crusher.
(3) Two-rotor impact crusher with two rotors facing each other. The smashing is mainly performed by the self-phase impact when the two rotors relatively eject the material, so the crushing ratio is large and the metal wear is less.
Impact crusher use:
It is used for crushing all kinds of materials whose side length does not exceed 500mm and compressive strength does not exceed 360Mpa. More suitable for granite, limestone, river pebbles, etc.

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