In the automatic production process, batching machine discharge failure

Fault phenomenon: In the automatic production process, one or more aggregates are weighed in the weighing hopper, and the unloading is not performed, and the system stops operating.

Failure Analysis:
1. Wait until the hopper closes.
2. The weighing instrument does not discharge the output signal.
3, belt machine did not start.
4, the aggregate said that the door is not in place.
5, aggregate must define the discharge sequence.
Fault solution:
1. Check whether the bucket valve is waiting for material or door closing. When the door is closed, signal I6.7.
2. Check whether the aggregate weighing instrument unloads the output signal. Stone 1 discharges I0.4, stone 2 discharges I0.7, sand 1 discharges I1.5, and sand 2 discharges I1.2.
3, check whether the belt machine starts.
4. Check whether the fine-grained door of the aggregate is closed in place. The stone 1 is known as the closed door I8.2, the stone 2 is called the closed door I8.3, the sand 1 is called the closed door I8.5, and the sand 2 is called the closed door I8.4.
5, check the computer interface, the order of the aggregate discharge is defined.

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