Inclined belt conveyor maintenance point

Aggregate conveying belt conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment with large conveying capacity, low operating cost and continuous conveying. Suitable for conveying loose density 500 ~ 2500 kg / m3 of common bulk materials, working environment temperature is – 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, for the aggregate conveyor working in special environment, such as heat, cold, corrosion and other conditions, should take corresponding protective measures.
1, check whether there is any card belt roller / don’t turn phenomenon;
2, check whether the belt running deviation;
3, check whether each component bolt loose;
4, check whether there is sound reducer, have no oil leakage phenomenon;
5, check whether the triangle belt skid, loose;
6, check whether there is loose tension bolt;
7. belt pull switch: in case of emergency, pull down the switch to stop the belt, press the blue button to reset, and regularly check the reliability of the pull switch ( 300 working hours to check the project ).

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