ingredients for a commercial concrete batch plant

The arrangement of concrete mixing station three kinds of ways are: vertical concrete mixing station, horizontal concrete mixing station, and mobile concrete mixing station.

The first type: vertical concrete mixing plant, the equipment needs to be processed materials are to carry out an upgrade, and then need to rely on the way to fall to the need to process the various processes. Is the advantage of high efficiency, small footprint, and is very conducive to the use of automatic equipment, vertical concrete mixing plant The disadvantage is that the structure of its equipment is too complex, so that production costs will be increased a lot, and its installation is a great technical difficulty.Currently used by large manufacturers.

The second type: horizontal concrete mixing station, the general material or to go through two times of Ascension, is the first material to the equipment to the storage hopper, and then the material after weighing, according to the needs of processing to use the need to transfer to the mixer. Because this form of concrete mixing station in the use of a simple structure, less investment, the advantages of small building height, is generally used in small concrete mixing station project.The disadvantage of its equipment is that materials are required to carry out two times, this will make the production of equipment low efficiency, and the level of concrete mixing station of the low degree of automation, these are its shortcomings, need to improve the place, generally in small and medium-sized cities to choose to use.

The Third kind: the mobile concrete mixing station is puts the material, the storage, the agitation and the unloading and so on a series of devices all installs to one base on the way. Mobile Concrete Mixing station has the advantages of compact structure, easy handling, and can also be directly in the field to operate, thereby reducing the delivery distance of concrete, so as to effectively save the effective economic costs. For some small or medium projects or maintenance works can be selected to use. The above is the concrete mixing station arrangement way explanation, may according to use the project the size, as well as the geographical demand to carry on the choice use own project use concrete mixing station, this can not only reduce unnecessary trouble, but also can effectively raise the economic benefit.

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