Installation and commissioning of New JDC350 drum mixer

New JDC350 concrete mixer or by repair, transshipment JZC350 blender before use, should be according to the following requirements for installation and commissioning.

The installation of (a) JDC350 drum mixer
JDC350 mixer should be placed in the flat, solid, in place, remove the drag bar, put down four leg, with leg for installation, adjustment JDC350 mixer airframe adjustment to level, then the ladder and the ground track pad, to increase the stability of the whole machine.
JDC350 type after the machine installation in place, the loading track is installed, and check or connecting the upper and lower limit switch, limit switch wiring to correct.Stir for a fixed position, detachable to tyres, with wooden cushion flat machine, etc.Feed end can dig a pit, assembling long track, make into the hopper into a pit, pit is slightly higher than the ground, in order to prevent the water into the pit.

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