Installation of Concrete Mixing Station

Concrete mixing plant commissioning activities mainly has four parts: debugging preparation work, unit test, no-load test, load test machine. So how to operate the four part, Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery as a professional manufacture give you an introduction :      concrete batching plant

Prepare the homework before debugging
First, to view each some cohesion is strong or not, especially to see the stirring blades and stirring shaft connecting bolts are tightened in the host.
Second, check the smooth condition to ensure the smooth oil, the reducer and electric cylinder oil level within the scope of the request.
Third, check the work station and electric cabinet to keep all the joint cohesion without fault and leakage.

The above is about preparing work before debugging, then how to continue unit test, no-load test, and load test. Next part we will give you the answer.


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