Instruction about the frame of the self loading concrete mixer

Instruction about the frame of the self loading concrete mixer.self mixer.self loading concrete mixer as know as self filling concrete mixer is affiliated to conical forward-reversely discharging mixer equipment and it mainly include the following parts.
1.Main engine.
Main engine is integral part of self loading concrete mixer ,which mainly contains drum and stirring blade.and in one end of the feed inlet of the mixing cylinder is connected with 2 blades that are able to keep the aggregates from leaking out,when you start stirring the twin cone mixing drum will begin rotate so the mixture and aggregates can be putted along with the blade.
2.convoy system.
The convoy system is a delivery system which put the aggregates in the cylinder ,it has three type of it,including hoist hopper,fixed hopper and reversible hopper.
3.water supply system
The water supply system’s main mission is giving water to the aggregates and concrete according to the requirements of the ratio of concrete type you need.the water needs of self loading concrete mixer is rely on the water supply system
self loading js concrete mixer

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