Instructions for the addition of lubricants for commercial concrete mixing plant equipment

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1, in accordance with the mixing equipment parts smooth rules of the manual, its various parts as scheduled, on time to join the appropriate smooth oil.
2, oil tanks, fuel tank in the smooth oil, concrete mixing plant parts should be regularly updated according to the rules. Oil change is necessary when the oil bath with kerosene and other clean and clean.
3, the use of safe and reliable oil. Adhere to the clean oil, no impurities. To prevent damage to the mixing station of the compact parts of the type of damage.
concrete mixing plant
If the concrete mixing plant is not used for a long time, please keep it in the following way
1, should be parked in a dry room. If you have to stop outside, should be selected flat ground and covered with wood, parked covered with a cloth.
2, long-term storage, the need for mechanical maintenance, repair damaged parts, and its thorough clean-up, to maintain a good technical condition.
3, in the arrangement and arrangement of the airport, should ensure that any one of the machinery are not affected by the impact of other machinery.
4. The mechanical fuel lever should be placed in the idle position, the control lever placed in the neutral position.
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